Xbox 360 Jasper RROD ?

Found 29th Jun 2010
Just about to order an Xbox 360 120GB Elite and was wondering if anyone has had the RROD with the Jasper motherboard. I already have an Xbox 360 Premium with a Falcon motherboard and it RROD last week. It was out of warranty but I managed to fix it with the x-clamp method. Don't know how long it will last so looking for a newer one.

Not that bothered about the new 360-S thats out in July as I can get the Elite for £129.99 delivered.
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yep my xbox jasper RROD on me after only 9 days and only used 3 times about 5-6 hours total use, got it replaced so do not believe the jasper solves this RROD. just wanted to test my net connection via homeplugs and refused an update and thats when it happened.
It´s a rare thing in Jasper units but it DOES happen.
It´s electrical goods. You´ll always get the odd DOA or "bad" console.
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