XBOX 360 Lips

    I'm looking for Lips for the xbox with 2 microphone. Best price I can find is £39.99


    is it not still on offer in HMV?


    is it not still on offer in HMV?

    Finishes today!:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thank you will be going hmv today

    OK, I've now an additional Xmas present to buy and this has been suggested... Any more heads up on less than the £35 I've found by searching on the large and very popular search engine that everyone seems to use beginning with G?:whistling: Thanks in advance

    anyone seen a better recent price?

    £36 for cash at Asda

    I picked up a copy at gamestation for £29. Worth every penny, its a high quality product, extremely well made from microsoft
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