XBOX 360 Liteon Drives

    Any one who sent their flashed xbox 360 off to microsoft and it came back with Liteon drives.
    Can you try a back up please for me.

    Now thats got me thinking for this to happen, MS must have taken the key off the drive (still with the iXtreme FW on the key) and unknowingly placed it onto a liteon drive.

    im sorry if i sound stupid


    I'd have thought they'd replace the console rather than the drive, they have on the 2 i've sent in

    I think this happens a lot, so you can't play back ups anymore?

    Yeah, one of my repairs came back with a Lite-On drive, but after looking I realised it was a refurbed machine rather than mine with a different drive.

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    anyone who sent a flashed dirve back just stick in a backup please and tell me if it works plz.

    I think i am doing too much thinking lol.

    They someimtes fix the problem and most of the time repalce the drive.

    Ms aren't that stupid though

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    someone said and i read on a forum, that someone liteon drive can play backups.
    bcoz ms just transferred the key from one to anotehr

    And i'd be surprised if they carried out specific repairs on individual machines.

    I'd imagine the procedure would be to send your non-working system to the refurbing department and send out an already refurbed one

    The key is separate from the firmware (iXtreme).

    there is no way to write hacked fw to a lite-on yet
    so god knows how yours has hacked fw on it
    you sure its not a benq
    if it is a lite-on i bet a few people would like to look at the firmware on it

    have you checked for the yellow wire

    You can erase and then write a new firmware to a Lite-on drive but reading the entire "stock" firmware has not yet been achieved hence they can't modify it to play backups.

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    no mine is not hacked. i Have a benq dats flashed along wid a sammy

    ? so you didnt get one back hacked
    then what you going on about ?

    Read the thread...he never said once that he personally has a lite-on drive that was hacked, he said he read it on a forum.
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