Xbox 360 Live

    hi is anyone having trouble siging into xbox live. i cant sign in at all. it said ring xbox, now rang them they are down so looks like xbox live is off



    lots of people having the same probs my son just came down and he cant sign into live either

    same here shaun not workin for me either

    What? I was about to turn on my 360 too... argh, PSN here I come.


    Working fine, some friends online also.

    Yep, same problems here. Trying to play COD4 online and I cant get connected! ARRRGHHH!

    Workin okay for me at the mo.

    working OK for me

    i have no controllers to try lol

    Original Poster

    i signed on once, signed off and havent got on xbox live anymore

    It is working now, server was down for maintenance.
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