xbox 360 live

    can anyone confirm whether the 360 live subscription from usa works in the uk??

    does it have to be redeemed asap or can i wait for a few months?


    According to reports on the xbox fourm Microsoft are trying to stop UK live gamers from using USA codes on their account. Don't know when they are trying to impliment this

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    oh ryt cool because a usa member has actually emailed me a code and i dont know if its going to work as i dont have my adapter yet and a router!thanks!

    Hello To You

    Just to let you know this will work fine but when you make your GAMER TAG you will have to say you live in the USA thats what i had to do last week

    I bought the code on ebay for £17 and then it would not work until i tried that and its working great for me lol

    Only downside is i have to be a YANK :-(

    Many Thanks



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    [SIZE=2]do you have to have an address also in usa?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]or just a gamertag?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]do u have the guy u bo8 it of if u dont mind?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]il add rep![/SIZE]

    pm sent roadie

    And another one sent lol

    Hi Techz, any chance of the ebay id of your supplier too?


    PM Sent

    I'd like that ebay supplier too please!

    and me please,

    cheers rep will be added


    PM Sent

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    everyone should add rep to techz wat a nice guy!

    I'm sure if you change your country of origin you can download different things in the marketplace section........

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    now i need a wireless router and an adapter for the xbox 360!

    Thanks Roadie just trying to help out

    ChrisUK showed me the path

    So respect to him as well


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    thanks to both of u guys!

    ps chris any update on ur order from hmv i just phoned them and the guy had no clue i was thinking of cancelling and ordering again or should i just leave it?!

    PM too please. Thanks!

    me too please techz, also is £17 for a year?

    Thanks Techz!

    OK people i cant PM you all lol

    Right here we go

    First you want the xbox live yes

    Go to ] has to be .com search for xbox live 12

    The id of the person i bought from is vance090

    Once you have bought the code you then will need to make a new gamertag and state you live in the USA so you might need to search google for zip codes to choose where you want to live i choose Washington lol zip code 20001

    That's about it really

    Xbox live 12 months plus 1 month free for about £17

    Hope This Helps some people

    Techz:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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