!! XBOX 360 Live !!

    Hey guys just thought I'd see whos on Xbox Live on here.

    I see the recent thread about the Fifa tournament and was just wondering.

    If anyone wants to play or add me on there then my gametag is


    Feel free to add me or if not leave your gamertag and ill add you.


    Syzable Same on PS3 too.

    xbox tag is davidn84

    ps3 username is davidn-84 (someone already had davidn84 )

    birdymanuk for me (had to grow up! :D)


    Anyone here play medal of honour tier 1?


    Play me on COD 4.

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    safcdave21 (xbox)


    Mostly seen on Blur

    Xbox Gamer Tag - jakethebeagles

    Mostly on Fifa or Risk Factions.

    U8701R add me too i'll kick ur ass

    JunkenStein73 xbox live


    JunkenStein73 xbox live

    fifa, cod black ops, nfs hot pursuit


    fifa 11 - GHOST2407 add me up peeeeeps

    Antj87 - Halo mainly!

    Hit me up, play some fifa or black ops

    C Turkey - Halo Reach or fifa11

    Please feel free to add me :jonauk

    Mainly on Fifa 11 on xbox

    Original Poster

    seems quite a lot of people then lol

    I will add once I get a chance to go on there.

    I mostly play Call of duty black ops and Fifa 11 so if anyone wants to play when I'm online then feel free to invite.

    I dont have a headset or anything though, I'm not into the whole chat thing.


    So no one plays medal of honour tier 1

    T WAR 1979
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