Xbox 360 Live - Help Me Please

I have got a 360 and I want to get live on it but i don't know what I have to do.

Do i have to buy specific hardware or can I jus get any leads to connect to the Xbox. I asked in Gamestation and they tried selling me something for £60. And what other costs are involved in connecting.

Please Help!



all i have is an internet wire connecting the xbox to the internet.. from the marketplace menu you can buy a subscription to then go on live. simple.. mb it was the wireless thing they tried to sell you *thinks*

Something on this ]link may help..

Maybe it was a harddrive they tried to sell you, you'll need one to go on live.


Maybe it was a harddrive they tried to sell you, you'll need one to go on … Maybe it was a harddrive they tried to sell you, you'll need one to go on live.

hmm, forgot about a harddrive... (always forget the obvious)

You can get memory cards, but much better (and mb cheaper in the long run) to have a harddrive.

You will not need to buy a subscription straight away you will get one month free trial. What they probably tried to sell you for £60 was a Wireless Network Adaptor.

if your pc is near the 360, use the ethernet cable then you can pay £15 average for 3 months membership or £40 average for the year membership. if you get stuck, head onto xbox.com for troubleshooting help.


£40 average for the year membership.

I wouldn't say that the average price for 12 months membership is £40. I have never paid that much. Microsoft's retail price is £40 but on ebay and other place you can get it a lot cheaper than that.

you don't need a hard drive to go on XBL, you just need that for downloading/transferring stuff.

obviously the £60 piece of hardware they tried to sell you was the wireles adpater...

The ONLY hardware you need to get onto Xbox live (providing the xbox is in the same room as your modem) is:

An xbox 360
Broadband Modem or router
An ethernet cable (this is just your standard internet cable)

You get one month xbox live for free to start you off when you first set up an account...which you do through the console itself.
You can then pick up another 13 months of live later on from here for £26 : jasper1675.com/new…tml

You need an ethernet cable to go from back of your xbox to modem, you may need a longer cable if xbox and modem in separate rooms which you can get pretty cheap, I got one off amazon markeplace.
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