xbox 360 live users , need a favour reporting my own tag

    Basically this is the tag Dichloroacetate, dont ask, i didnt think i was going to keep it.

    I need people to go to file complaint,profile and then gamertag. The reason being as i wana change the tag name and if you get an x amount of people to do it , microsoft force you to change it.

    It usually costs like 800 ms points to change it.

    BTW Add me on my other gamertag for pes2009,cod5,gta etc Its "xibyx"

    This gamertag is for halo 3.



    Will do

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    thanks , they should allow users to change it for free atleast once

    How do we know thats your tag and that we wont be reporting some innocent victim. lol

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    lol coz then the guy will get a chance to change his GT for free lmao

    Add me on it if you like lol

    lol ok im convinced. ive not got an xbox though, sorry. Lmao

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    np thnxs

    How many people do you need to report it?

    you dont need to do all that, you can change it without all that im sure.


    How many people do you need to report it?


    i believe its 15 people needed to get it changed


    i believe its 15 people needed to get it changed

    Its just a random number.
    If it gets reported and the person dealing with the report feels its justified, they will make them change it.

    hoiw do you report someone and what do you say? I find the GT offendsice or he cheats or swears and stuff? lol never done it before

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    basically add that as a freind then go on it, then file complaint, then you go file complaint, then profile,then gamertag

    Can anyone do mine xstr1k3x -

    I want to change mine to somethig different

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    me first lol

    Original Poster

    more people please lol, rep will be given as a thanks

    will do marz :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thanks need to buy some more live for this.

    Do this for my mates, and can't believe it works.
    Ill do it for you in a sec.

    EDIT: Done

    Original Poster


    also done it for strikes
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