Xbox 360 media remote control for use with Vista PC (I have the remote, how could I get it to work on a PC)

Found 12th Dec 2008
I have an xbox 360 media remote that I got free with the HD-DVD drive, it's so much nicer using that to watch films and videos rather than the wireless controller. Less gamey.

And since all the remotes for vista PC's are either extremely cheap looking (as well as cheap) or extremely expensive and swish. Is there some sort of infra-red adapter that you can buy for a Vista PC (Or Xp for that matter) that would let me control my Vista PC's media functions while I'm watching a movie (volume, pause rewind that kind of thing) or listening to music in Windows Media Player or iTunes.
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yes. I went looking into this a few weeks ago.

What you need is the IR Receiver from the official Microsoft Media Center Remote.

It looks like this:

I picked up the set used a while ago for £15 delivered which is the going rate.

I had planned to use the xbox 360 hd dvd remote with it and although I can 100% confirm that the xbox 360 remote works with the IR receiver I prefer the media center remote. :thumbsup:
I have also heard of this software:…te/

Is very good for mapping your remote and allowing it to perform any actions on many many more software rather than just media center/windows media player. It will work with any remote.

You do have to pay for the software but I think it will be worth it.
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