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    I am after the cheapest memory card for the xbox 360 as I want to transfer a saved game from one to another. I have seen the 64 MB version on for £17.99 but don't really want to pay that much. Does anyone know of somewhere cheaper?




    Just buy a hdd, you will save more money in the long run and you can download demos. Try eBay for a memory card if you really wat one.

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    We have the 20GB HDD but my son has a game save on the 360 downstairs that he wants to transfer ti his own console upstairs...... is this possible with a memory card?


    no i don't yhink so. for the hdds you need a data transfer kit

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    I know to transfer everything you need a lead as thats what we had to do when we got the Elite. But he just wants one saved game. Whats the point of the memory cards if you can't take your saved game progress with you? Oh well thanks for the replies I will have to think again it seems.

    you should be able to use a memory card to transfer a game save across and use it on his console (as long as he is using the same gamer tag) as there is an option to copy stuff from memory card to hard drive (like my mate has done with his gamer tag many a time), the only reason I say he would need to use the same gamer tag is the saved games are linked to gamer tags and I believe they wont work with another gamer tag (although I could be wrong but I'm sure I read that and it was to stop people boosting there gamer scores really easy with other people)

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    Thanks, I will get him a memory card and try it then.
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