xbox 360 memory unit

Found 22nd May 2007
looking for a cheap 64mb memory unit for xbox 360

also can anyone tell me how much these hold? like how many mb is 1 saved game roughly? :whistling:
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umm depends for example viva pinata is 9 mb!!!

But most of my games are 4 mb.

I own a memory card and own seven games and i have 24 mb left =]
£17.99 ]here
I had a mem card with my core and i have pgr3 and becos i bought all the cars it fileld up real quick so i managed to bag a hard drive on ebay for £35 incl del -- bargain and it was brand new -- if you want a mem card that bad

go cex --its used but who cares when its £12 and free del


Order online i found them pretty quick del wise
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