xbox 360 modding

    anybody want to flash my xbox 360 for me? obviously not to dload games just to back them up - lemme know price please


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    yeh ive seen some of them - was wondering if anybody on here could do it for cheaper and rather give the money to a person rather than company if you get me?

    someone on here did a couple of mine for me, can't remember the name now but i'm sure you'll get a pm soon
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    ok mate maybe if you remember gimmie a shout feela, cheers - also how much?

    If its not to download games why don't you just install them onto your hard drive? cheapest option ie free.

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    read you have to have it flashed to play backup games? ie ripped onto a disc to back them up? i only got a 20gb hdd and aint thinkin about buyin a new one

    if anyone is in cardiff and could do mine that'd be awesome its already able to do backups but i want xex and freeloader on it :]
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