xbox 360 network help... please?

Found 21st Dec 2008
i have an xbox 360 and wireless network adaptor. i have a pc which is linked up to a netgear Dg834g router and a laptop with built in wifi. everything has been working fine for a year, internet on my pc, internet on my laptop and i can get on live on the xbox. Now i cant get the internet on my pc, i can on my wifi laptop (i thought this was strange) and i cant on my xbox. the xbox says that it cant obtain an IP address, anyone have any suggestions what-so-ever?
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Tried setting up static addressing on your router, could be an address conflict between the xbox and pc.:thumbsup:
You could try resetting your router. Use the Default Reset button on the rear panel of the router.
1. Press and hold the Default Reset button until the Test LED turns on (about 10 seconds).
2. Release the Default Reset button and wait for the router to reboot.
Enter admin for the user name and password for the password
Link for setting up the router here ]http//ww…pdf
Then see if your PC and XBox will connect without any security configuration
Good Luck
i've done everything that's been mentioned apart from static ip addressing and that's because i dont know how to do it. any ideas?
have you logged into the router via its IP Address which would something like or similiar, if you can check its DHCP table or DHCP settings for issues
You could try this for your sex box.

1. Go onto ur laptop.
2. Go onto command prompt.
3. type ipconfig /all
4. Then enter that data manually onto the sex box.
static ip setup

then turn dhcp server off in your router sorted :thumbsup:
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