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Found 10th Sep 2009
Support Points are gone, Agents can now call in for ammo and supplies anytime and anywhere.

Vehicles like Trucks or Buses have room for a mounted turret, which makes them great for getting around in Co-Op.

More variations in weapons, meaning people have more to choose from than just the homing rocket launcher.

You'll obtain skill orbs by using abilities relevant to your character.

The freaks evolve over time, making them MUCH more fearsome as the game progresses.

Doing missions in the day or night has a huge effect. At night, the freaks come out to play.

The city hasn't changed in architect, all the roads are the same. Some buildings have been demolished and other small things, but over all it's the same city.

City decays over time from the infection.

A lot more weapon variety. New powerful shotgun, Rail Gun, and sticky grenades.

New Agency helicopter and other vehicles. All old Agency vehicles returning.


huhhhhhuhuhuh blurrghhhhhh aaa dhuauuaa oaiweeeeeEEEEE!!!!!! :w00t:

Cant wait for this game!!

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It's looking really good for Crackdown 2, all this information will be in next month's Game Informer.
It also confirmed 4 player co-op and 16 player online but most people know this anyways

Why are they using the same city? thats just a big cop out isnt it?


Was looking forward to this but not really bothered now. Same city, Zombie cliche. Will give it a miss i think.

Basically Crackdown 1 with a bit of Protatype thrown in.
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