XBOX 360 New Dashboard - So Where Is It ????

    Anyone got it installed yet only nothing happening at my end


    Me neither

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    Just found out half of it will be missing anyway, the Primetime gameshow thing isnt out now until the end of next year, probably another pipe dream like Sonys 'home'

    I just want the better menus though so hurry up !

    Its due @ 10:00 or 10:30 (Whoever you believe) :-D

    mines done, working fine. Just made avatar

    Call 0800 587 1102 If you have any problems downloading and installing...!!! I bet some people will get some problems

    Mines downloading now..!!!

    Do I need to have a 'Gold' Live Subscription to get it. no download yet...


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    mines just this second started to donwload


    Do I need to have a 'Gold' Live Subscription to get it. no download … Do I need to have a 'Gold' Live Subscription to get it. no download yet...J

    Nope, But I bet live members get priority due to millions of people downloading at once.

    mines aint started and I am a live member?

    I just made a new user and the update came straight away... plus i got 1 month free live too...


    Wow, First impression is very good. It's a good change, As I'm pretty new to Xbox 360 I'm sure it won't take me long to get used to the new layout...!!!

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    no so sure myself, seems like theyre trying to ram the marketplace down your throat, dont get me wrong a lot better than the last dash but still not as good as PS3imo

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    seems there is a new section under TV Settings for HDMI colour space

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    whoops double post, going to add that when browsing the games section sometimes it will pause and say 'information not available from Xbox Live' something that will prob be ironed out
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