Xbox 360 "Newton" Motion Sensing Controller Confirmed

    Clone of the wiimote....
    From article:
    I can now confirm the existence of the Xbox Wiimote clone project and I can tell you the project code name : "Newton"

    The "Newton" controller's code name is after the physicist Sir Isaac Newton. The internal Microsoft engineering code name is for this controller is "Newton" as in Newtonian Physics relating to gravity, inertia and acceleration. This is not to be confused with the defunct Apple Newton PDA, this is just and internal name, when this controller comes to market it will have a retail name.

    The hardware is still being worked on and it might be a couple months before we see leaked shots of prototypes when they start to mass manufacture it but I am sure that there is an early software developer kit and prototype out there.

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    no interest then?



    no interest then?

    Oh yes, about time too....

    PS3 has the whole sixaxis thing going but there's nothing out utilising it yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty of games on the 360 available that do use this by the time it comes out....

    Call of Duty 5 maybe, instead of holding down the left stick to steady the sniper rifle, using the same sort of system.....

    also makes it much more interesting to the family friendly gamer types....

    I'm sure there bring out the classic bass fishing game too


    You can already buy mod cases that do this on ebay, but can't see the point to it when there's nothing really compatible.....

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    Maybe an arcade game, i mean ps3 have time crisis 4, Wii has ghost squad, xbox house of the dead?

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    Oh my bad, didn't see that article
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