Xbox 360 - Not working (E74)

    My xbox 360 has suddenly decided to stop working!
    I am getting a error come up when i switch it on, It says its a E 74 error and i have one flashing red light on my xbox.....
    Does anyone know what are the best options for me too do?!?
    It doesnt look like microsoft will fix it for free unless it has 3 or 4 flashing red lights?
    Does this mean i will have to pay to get it fixed or does anyone know any sites etc that can help me with this?!?


    I may be wrong but I thought I read that the E74 error was one that they fixed? have you looked properly?


    they fix it free

    if in the three year bracket

    if its e73 force the rrod

    Original Poster

    my bad......just seen they do!!
    just goto check my console is less than 3 years old!!

    Can I suggest returning it to the retailer under the SoGa and getting a new 360 to replace it rather than a fix from MS.
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