Xbox 360 Now or Next month?

I wanna buy a 360 after playing one at a mates house, i was amazed by the graphics and just wanna get hold of one!, however i have also heard that Xbox is realesing a new type next month? can anyone shed light on this, also would it plummit in price once the PS3 come on the market?

Thanks feda16


They are in development from what I've heard (120gb Drive, HDMI port), but any release date has not been given, so you might be waiting a while.

Depends if you can wait! If all this was about to happen next week then I'd suggest that you wait, but as dates are yet unclear I'd just bite the bullet and go for it now

i heard they have reduced the XBOX 360 core pack (No Harddrive) to £149.99. A bargin!! I love my Xbox 360 im NEVER off xbox live lol.

I am in the same situation! I have been pondering for weeks - there is a major gaming conference in the USA next week and if there are any announcements about price drops or new models it will be there. If I hear nothing by the 8th I will be buying one of the bundles from Game.

if you want it, get it. if you are waiting for the next big thing, keep waiting, as you will never be happy with what you have.
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