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Found 10th Dec 2006
Can anyone find me the best price for the new xbox 360 offical steering wheel. Amazon seem to have the best ]price at £79.99, which has a game with it ( sadly we have this ) it is also not due in till 1 -3 weeks so it would probably not be here for christmass. Wondering if anywhere else sells this cheaper , maybe with codes allowing for futher money saving.Unfortunately it has to be the offical one- so santa has been informed. Many thanks as im trying to get make the christmass budget strech .:santa:


I too have been looking into this big time as I have PGR3...although it'll be best to sell your existing PGR3 copy as the included copy is the Force Feedback version :thumbsup:

Best I came up with was using the 'risky' LX Direct 10% code and it worked out about £72 with free delivery code plus pre-VAT Qudico = ~ £69

Or @ HMV for £79.99 - £5 off £35 code - 2.5% Qudico (hardware) = £73.11 (I can't get the 10% discount code to work!)

That's the best I can come up with

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Thanks I never knew the game provided had force feedback. I take it its only certain packs that have the game with them ? as the hmv one 9 which loks about the safest cheap price ) does not mention a game with it, But since it was only released last week I would have thought all the packs would have been the same.
Gameplay also have it at £79.99 with the pgr game ( and cashbackavailable- im with rpoints but quidco prob do too ). There is a 10% code of selected games for gameplay but not sure it would work for this.
Tesco online have it for £79.97 is there codes that could work for that- no game but ! now you got me wanting the feedback game !

As far as I know ALL versions of the Microsoft wheel have PGR3 Force Feedback version included inside the box...some e-tailors are highlighting it as free to get extra / quick sales..also perhaps some less informed ones don't know its in there :-D

I had considered Game / Gameplay too....:roll:

gary_rip has an xbox cheapest accessories thread here:
Some good pointers and links there.

I've ordered it from HMV with the £5 off code, using my £75 of vouchers from the O2 phone offer.

They are out of stock at the moment, and cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

II beat you all


There is only 1 left, its cheap enough at 59.99 but use the £20 off £40 and 11% quidco to get it down to around £36.


II beat you all … II beat you all :p]http://www.gizoo.co.uk/Products/PCGaming/Xbox/XBox360SteeringWheel.htmThere is only 1 left, its cheap enough at 59.99 but use the £20 off £40 and 11% quidco to get it down to around £36.

Sorry, that's not the official Microsoft wheel. :santa:

I didnt see that bit.... my bad! :lol:
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