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Found 10th Feb 2009
Have just pirchasded an xbox 360 60gb but am new to the whole xbox thing.

Would like to know how the whole online/live/arcade thing works. I know this could be a massive long thread but a brief but thorough description would be great. Think my 360 comes with the Silver membership, what does that get me or entitle me to?

I have a Wii and know how online/Wii points etc works on that but can't get my head round the xbox as there seems to be lots to do.

Your help would be much appreciated. Cheers guys.


You get a free month of gold membership when you sign up so don't worry about it right now.

It will come with a month trial for gold. Just select silver when you sign up on the xbox.
Microsoft points work exactly the same as Wii points.


1 month free...jsut make a silver account and then worry afterwards

DO NOT sign up for anything else like auto subscription etc

tbh its plug and play when u have set ur account up

when you sign up to get your GamerTag, you will automaticly get a months free GOLD.
gold will allow you to play games online with freinds and random people.

after the month you can then go and buy cards that will give you 12 months (the cheapest) gold.
you can get cards for as littile as £23.

Dont register your credit card on the Xbox!

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Anyone else have any info?

Gold Membership

Xbox LIVE Gold is a premium membership that lets you play games with friends online. Gold membership includes all the features of Silver (below) plus additional benefits and features.

* Multiplayer games: Invite your friends into a multiplayer match and compete against each other or play co-op through expansive adventures.
* Marketplace: Gold members get early and exclusive access to select game add-ons, demos, trailers, videos, and more.
* TrueSkill matchmaking: For every ranked game you play, TrueSkill finds the best match for your skill level.
* Parties: Invite a group of friends into an Xbox LIVE Party, then you can all join games and play and chat together.
* Gamer feedback: Use the feedback system to select players you want to play with (or avoid) the next time you're online.
* Watch Netflix movies: Xbox LIVE Gold members who also belong to Netflix can watch Netflix’s extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows right on their console at no additional charge.

A Gold membership costs $49.99 for one year—less than five dollars a month! Xbox LIVE Gold cards can also be purchased at your favorite game retailer for a three- or twelve-month membership. You can also subscribe online using your Xbox 360, or join now right here on
Silver Membership

Xbox Live Silver

Xbox LIVE Silver is a free service that allows any Xbox 360 user with a broadband connection to get online and interact with the Xbox LIVE community.

* Gamer profile: Showcase your online reputation and achievements for your friends to see.
* Avatar: Share the customized Avatar that represents your online identity.
* Friends list: Add other Xbox LIVE users to your friends list and chat using the headset or send text messages.
* Marketplace: Download free content from Marketplace such as demos, trailers, music videos, dashboard themes, and lots more.
* Microsoft Points: Redeem Microsoft Points (available at retail stores or through Xbox LIVE) for extra game content, Arcade games, movies and TV shows, independent videos, and more.
* Gold Weekends: Look for special offers from Xbox LIVE that let you experience the excitement of multiplayer gaming free.


Well recommended used him twice no probs.

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Do I have to have the Wireless Adaptor thing to do any of the above I take it.

Cant go online without it I guess.

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Is the "Arcade" where you can download games then?


Do I have to have the Wireless Adaptor thing to do any of the above I … Do I have to have the Wireless Adaptor thing to do any of the above I take it.Cant go online without it I guess.

You can have a wired connection with the ethernet cable that came with your xbox from your xbox to your modem or router. I have this and it works fine.


Is the "Arcade" where you can download games then?

You can buy games or get free game demos from the arcade.

If you need any more help email me at [email protected] or add me on XBL (Xbox live)

GT (gamertag): Paolo Gurrellio
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