xbox 360 or playstation 3

    which one should i buy and why


    I would go for an 360 the online play is good and the range of games seem to be better aswell.

    Depends what you want from it.

    Not again :?
    Use the search bar


    Depends what you want from it.

    I love when someone ask this question.

    My guess is that you can afford either of them, if this is the case then

    Easy answer.

    You want good games go for XBOX 360

    Want games and Blu Ray then PS3

    And if money is not an issue then get both.

    I have both and love the XBOX 360 games, but my friends got PS3 so I play online in the PS3 for free with them.

    I have a question too.
    How many Xbox360 Vs PS3 Threads/Posts do we need?
    Just a general wondering because if you searched the console deals
    for either console on here you would find out EVERYTHING you needed
    to know ( and some things you did not need to know ) about the owning of, specifications,
    advantages,disadvantages,games,online play etc for both these consoles.

    Having said all that the best thing you can do is play on them both, if you
    havn't already done so ( go to toysrus, currys etc if you do not have access to one elsewhere! )
    Good luck..............

    Original Poster Banned

    thanks for all the helpful comments and advice

    for all smart ***** why not just ignore thread without wasting your time typing ******** answers or maybe get a girlfriend then maybe you will have better things to do than sit on here waiting to give sarcastic answers
    thats all folks
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