xbox 360 or ps3

    Help needed whats the best deal out for the above also what model if any ?

    do they both play hd DVD ?

    what s best for my 12 year daughter

    Please advise if poss



    tough one for a 12yo girl

    I would advise a blu ray player by itself and a wii

    Xbox 360 can play HD DVDs with an external HD-DVD drive. PS3 can play Blu-ray discs. Bear in mind though that although HD-DVDs are very cheap at the moment, they are no longer being produced. If you are buying a console primarily for watching HD movies then go for the PS3, if you want it for games then go for the 360.

    lol for a 12year old girl, a ps3 isnt really a contender.

    PS3 is far more poplar for someone at school. Its more money but have inbuilt internet, blu ray and top games.

    Xbox360 is mostly a games console but far cheaper.

    find out what others have got so she can swap games. Have u considered a wii. Which has she asked for?

    even though i own a ps3, i would probably suggest a xbox for a 12 year old girl.
    do agree with maybe looking at the nintendo wii
    maybe also see what her friends own, so she can play with them/against them

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    Just want to thank you all for your thoughts

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