xbox 360 or ps3

    Just wanted to know what you personal prefer out off the xbox360 and ps3 also can any one point me in the right direction on the best prices for them.. Thanks in advance and will rep for you advice..


    the x box 360 is the best for pure gaming i would say esp if ure not bothered by blu ray etc and cost is better

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    the x box 360 is the best for pure gaming i would say esp if ure not … the x box 360 is the best for pure gaming i would say esp if ure not bothered by blu ray etc and cost is better

    thanks tobesteruk alot of my freinds say the same:thumbsup: rep on its way

    i have an xbox and would advice to get a ps3 since the xbox will brake im on my fith one in 3 years

    xbox360. cheaper and more games support. my mates got both but plays 360 more. if you are planning on splashing the cash try a mates. a lot also depends on what games you like playing. halo 3 for example is exclusive to xbox 360.

    The 360 has the better pure gaming experience especially on Live. That said, they seem to be made of sticky backed plastic and chewing gum with the electronics from an old walkman - it WILL break. RROD is almost guaranteed. The other downside is the cost. The basic is cheap, but then you need to buy a HDD, wireless adaptor and specific HDMI cable and subscribe to the Live service.

    Personally, I bought a PS3 because I'm only an occaissional gamer (but even now, there are more good games out than ever before, just not quite as many as the 360) but I do use the BD playback and media centre features which is just as important to me.

    I'm not trying to be a fan boy, but give an honest answer. If you want to game, go 360. If you want an adult console which does more,go PS3.

    I would say it depends on what you are after, if you want a machine that surfs the net and plays blue rays but doesnt have a lot games wise then go for the PS3, if you want a console that plays games dvd's music and a solid online community and experience then go for the xbox 360 :thumbsup: This may sound fan boyish but to be quite honest i like both consoles. and what i have said is at this time the truth!

    as for rumours of frequent hardware problems with the 360 I honestly have never had any problem with mine, but i do know that if you try leaving your console somewhere that has no air like in a cabinet or block the air vents up on a carpet you are asking for 3 red rings, leave it in the open where it's not obstructed and dont leave it on for days and you wll be fine :whistling:

    I'm on my second 360, but that was only because i bought an elite for the larger hard drive and im a sucker for the black caseing :-D

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    Thanks every one have gone for the xbox360, have reped all...

    ps3. have just sold my xbox as all my mates are on the ps3 and it is just sleeker and easier on the eye, i love my ps3!
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