Because it's conversational normally.


Because when people talk to one another, they can go off in different directions.

I don't know, but did you see the new 100m record got broken - awesome

Halo is good though.

the weather is nice today

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Because it's conversational normally.

Once prime is example is im browsing through a thread and then theres a a couple of pages of crap then a it goes back to topic.

Do people just get bored on start going off topic in any thread lol.

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Halo is good though.

youve tried doing it in this thread lol but its not you who does it.

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what are you guys on about btw


I do like them but I prefer oranges.

Oranges. No not for me. I dont really like citrus fruits but i do like bannansa (hope its spelt correctly).

Anyway OP i do kind of understand what you are saying. As when its a long thread for an extremely hot deal and you want to read through the pages to get peoples views or ideas it does get annoying when the post have nothing to do with what was originally being discussed.

hey you've changed the title. When people come accross this thread and start to read, they're gonna think what the hell are these people talking about!

Do they cakes?
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