Xbox 360 or PS3 deal?

    Hi guys, looking to finally bite the bullet and purchase either one of these consoles.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction for the best deal in the market at the moment, or should I wait until closer to christmas to get a better deal?

    Thanks in advance


    how much are you looking to spend and what sort of games are you looking for?

    There are some good 360 deals at the moment from 160 to 200 including a few games (depends which games you like - if you click my username and look at some of the threads started by me there are a few 360 deals on there, apart from those there is a good one from blockbuster and a good one from argos at the moment.)

    As for PS3 im not sure but I think you will be looking at 300 for a bundle, which again there are a few of.

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    Many thanks for the info there.

    Do you think they will get cheaper again if I wait until mid december?

    possibly although i heard the xbox is not going to have any more price cuts on the console for a while since it is really cheap now. Plus with a few of the bundles you are getting 3 games and a controller, so i dont think they will get much cheaper or have more things added to them. I personally dont think they can get any cheaper now for christmas. I think the games might just change with the bundles, but you never know what with the credit crunch and january sales. (Also at most i reckon you could save a maximum of 10 - 20 quid in the sales, as the console will not be cheaper for a while, so if you bought now you dont stand to lose much if anything at all.)

    What sort of games are you looking for?

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    Cheers mate.

    I got a £60 off tesco gift card so I am hoping tesco may have a sale on, but nothing yet.

    Thanks for your help mate.

    next time you are in tesco ask if they match offers / deals.

    I know asda used to (may still do). For example if asda were doing a bundle offer, asda would meet it if you took in a print of the deal.
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