xbox 360 or ps3 ( i already own a xbox360 but considering to buy a ps3)

any of you ps3 owners out there would recomend one or is it a waste of money.

im thinking of getting rid of my modded xbox 360 instead to buy a ps3


They've just spent £400 on a console, they'll have physically forced themselves to like it.

But seriously, it's hard to get an unbiased opinion. People with PS3s will recommend you the PS3. And people with the 360 will say to stay with that.

It's all about personal preferences really, and what's best for you. You should look at the games currently available, and ones to be released within the year (which games are multi-platform, which are exclusives).

I have an Xbox 360, and at the minute I'm perfectly happy, I have enough great games to last me a good while, with more games I'm anticipating to be released in the near future. Somewhere along the line I'll probably get a PS3, but for me at the moment I don't see any must have games that I'm willing to shell out for a new console for.

It's just a matter of what games you like, and what exclusive titles you'll be gaining/losing when switching consoles.

It'd be nice to get some opinions from people who own both consoles.

Do you just want to play games on it or is the blu-ray movie player in the PS3 very important to you ?

If you specifically want the blu-ray player then it's probably worth the money.

If you just want to play games then I'd stick with your 360, at least for the time being.
It's cheaper & has a larger and overall much better game library.
Also, most games released on both platforms so far are better on the 360 (either they run smoother such Call Of Duty 3 & Tony Hawks, or they feature on-line play where the PS3 version doesn't, such as Virtua Tennis 3).

Regarding exclusives, there doesn't seem to be a week go by without a previous PS3 exclusive announced to be coming to the 360 as well.

PS3 simply isn't a very good value gaming machine at the moment IMO.
Too expensive and not enough good games.
That may change in the future of course.

So basically, I think that, as someone who already owns a 360, ft you're considering a PS3 right now, it should depend mostly on how important the blu-ray drive is to you (and possibly the exclusives the PS3 still has).

At the moment i own a 360 and my friend has a PS3. I was amazed at how good the PS3 was. I would have bought 1 instead of my 360 if it was out at xmas and cost around the same and had some good games out. I certainly do love my 360 tho.

I would suggest waiting for a good load of games to come out and for the price to come down before you buy one.


We love our PS3, but there isn't a huge selection of games yet-
I'd suggest hanging on a bit and see what new games are released and then make your decision. It's a big deal selling a mod'd 360 and you'll be gutted if you realise six weeks down the line that you've made the wrong choice....

Personally I would stick to the Xbox 360 for the minute. I have got both and I think the PS3 is great as an addition to the Xbox 360. I wouldn't have got rid of the 360 as there are not enough PS3 exclusive games at the minute.


y0 HU5TLER, i own both a playstation 3 and an xbox 360 console. Although it would be a tough decision if i was told i could keep one and get rid of the other purely because each console has its own key features which makes them as good as each other.. For instance, the playstation 3's onboard precision movement built into the controller determines movement of your body and movement in the game. e.g when playing a basketball game you can configure the controller so that when you flick it forward your player will take a long shot, saves time pressins O or X. Same goes for car games. The vehicle will move depending on which way you turn the controller, whether it be left or right.. Now the XBOX 360 is more of a pure gamers console more than anything as the playstation is considered more of a family console by gamers across the continent. The XBOX 360 has many features.. its live interface, games, user systems and even some of the addons such as the live cam is so powerful it can interpret your face into a game like tom clancy's rainbow six vegas.. All in all i would say to get both consoles. Two is always better than one especially in the case of next gen consoles but i very nearly got my hands on a wii in february so i would of had all three next gen consoles to speak for. Try and get a playstation 3 aswell as the XBOX 360, it's definetly worth it =]
I can give you more info and specs on the PS3 over MSN, depending whether you blocked me or not is another matter but today is a fresh start for me on HOTUKDEALS, no more scamming.. I wouldn't like it done to me so why should i do it to others? I know the feeling so now is the time to stop =]

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THANKS very much lynus, juliet,tatey,martin and free dumb.

think i will stick to the x360 then buy a ps3 when games come out

360 atm because alan wake is exclusive to the 360 and pc

Gta 4 will be better +assassins creed --- pgr4 and forza 2 and halo 3 i mean come on man --------atm i wouldnt get a ps3 id wait until the end of the year

I'll be tempted by the new-look 360 when it arrives, then it'll match my PS3

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its just black and bigger harddrive aint it

Well I have had a 360 for over a year and got a ps3 at launch. Got to say, for the cash the 360 is a much better piece of kit. Proper media streaming and online play, voice comms, by far the better selction of games.

MSN messanger support will be with us on the 360 in a few weeks. Most of the must have games this year are 360 only; Halo 3, MAss Effect, Bioshock to name a few. The multiformat games like the new Grand Theft Auto game will be better on the 360 due to downloadable episodic content.

In core flavour the 360 is well under half the price of the ps3 as well. The graphics are better at the moment if you compate titles like GOW v Resistance.

In the long run if you are into your games and movies its worth owning both. If I was only buying one it would be the 360 no doubt about it. I have been very underwelmed with my ps3 to be honest, now I am bored of Resistance and Motorstorm there is nothing else I am interersted in buying till September this year at least.
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