Xbox 360 Play and Charge

    I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy an xbox 360 play and charge kit. or cheapest place to get rechargable batteries and a charger



    Gamestation do the Official Xbox Play and Charge Kits for £7 preowned. Just pop in store, I got mine from the Gamestation in Derby but pretty sure its a nationwide thing.

    I orignally got some rechargeable batteries with a USB charger for a couple of quid off fleabay but those died pretty quick and were a bit shoddy. After that I bought some soshine batteries with a soshine recharger from dealextreme and those batteries have lasted me ages. Better than rechargeable battery pack as you can use them elsewhere and can charge some when your controller starts flashing low battery so they are ready once it runs out.…htm

    never failed me , use them not just for my 360 controller but also digital camera, an got a pack of smaller ones to charge on same unit that can use for all yr remotes what more could you need
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