xbox 360 play n charge kit info

    i have 2 controllers with chargeable battery thinginmagigs but both show green when plugged in but dies shrtly after being disconnected are they both dead or am i doing somert wrong ta


    How long are you leaving them on charge for?
    The Xbox does not charge controllers when it is off also.

    Is it an official PaC kit?


    battery deaded :-(

    how long has the Xbox been on in this time?
    try plugging it into your PC and charging from there.

    it seems weird both would be dead o_O


    How long are you leaving them on charge for?The Xbox does not charge … How long are you leaving them on charge for?The Xbox does not charge controllers when it is off also.Is it an official PaC kit?

    The 360 can charge when xbox 360 is off .. Switch on 360. have background downloads enabled etc, plug in usb play n charge wait till lights up red wait another 30 seconds then switch off 360.

    Yea leave them on charge for an hour or 2
    then turn the xbox on with the wireless control not attached to the cable

    press the guide button and in the top right you should see a battery.. monitor that see what happenes over time

    you charging cable might be broke.

    Find a friend and use his see what happens.

    I had this same problem. Just phoned up microsoft and they sent me a replacement package out if i returned my faulty one. Although I received the new one before i had even sent mine back. really good service tbh. Think the batterys just die after a while

    i had exact same problem, here is the fix. Plug the charger into the controller and the light will turn red for a few seconds and then turn green (thinking its fully charged). As soon as it turns green take it out and put it back in again so its red. Repeat this until the red light is constant and therefore has enough power in to charge :thumbsup:

    yeah that can work to but it didnt for me. im at work right now so cant get onto xox website, i just got the customer service number from that, sorry

    them seem to be poo mine worked for a day then packed in now back to normal batteries thank god for poundland !!!!
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