Xbox 360 Premiuim inc 1 Game

Found 24th Apr 2006
Hey Guys,

The time has come to look into getting one of these. The 3rd person in work has just bought one, and now I feel all left out

The best I can find one for is from Game, priced at £319.99 with 1 game (I want BF2).

Anyone know of anywhere cheaper ??

Many Thanks
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£279.99 without any games in a few places.

I'm becoming more tempted the more I look around !!
I think HMV witha discount code is best?
They don't work anymore mate
Bought one off Ebay for £250.....................only to get a message that it is no longer for sale............b@stards !!!

Looks like I'll be going to Game tomorrow lunch time........
If you want I've got a Xbox I could sell you:

1 x Microsoft Xbox360 Console (Core version)
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 20gig hard drive (cleaned of profile and gamesaves etc.)
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 Wired controller
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 64mb memory card
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 Wireless network adaptor (for wire-free network playing.)
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 headset
1 x Microsoft Xbox360 DVD remote
Power pack, power cord and video cables and scart plug are included

I am also including 7 Xbox 360 games all of which are UK PAL Region 2 games:

Project Gotham Racing 3
Ridge Racer 6
Full Auto
Need For Speed Most Wanted
Dead Or Alive 4
Perfect Dark - Project Zero
Burnout Revenge

Doh !

I bought one last night from PC world (£330 inc BF2)

How much are you selling the games for ?

Just in case anyone doesn't know, you can get 360 games from [url]www.play-asia.com[/url] for less than £25 delivered (Make sure you select the region free versions !!!)

Cheers guys
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