Xbox 360 Premium 20 Gb Help

I have an xbox 360 premium 20 gig model. It is a replacement console from microsoft and a service date within 2009.
its not a hdmi model.

Comes with all leads.

No controller.

How much do you reckon its worth?


£50 - £60

No controller so probably £45 - £50
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If it was mine mate i'd prob keep it as a spare rather than selling it that cheap.
20GB is prob worth £15 on its own.…014
Im not sure if that price is with or without the 20gb. At a push i would say without

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£50 - £60No controller so probably £45 - £50

how much do you reckon i would get if i chucked in a offical white wireless adapter

You'd prob get about £65, have you not got a controller you could chuck in? Would then boost it to about £75 at a push.

i've got a spare HDMI console sitting here gathering dust as its just not worth selling, would much rather have it as a spare or to have at the girlfriends.

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Your right, doesnt look worth selling. im Looking to upgrade to a new Slim xbox so probably will have this at my girlfriend's too.

ah well. thanks for your help mate

I'm holding out for a slim as well. Got a 120gb elite here with a black adapter.

Waiting for a deal with a 250gb slim and 3 new games for £200. I know its only just round the corner...maybe

Just checking completed listings on ebay and a few 120gb elites go for £125, would happily take that, would leave around £110 after fees and postage.

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yeh hopefully these sales should bring us a good deal.

I just hate the waiting

I sold my 20gb premium on fleabay it ended at 1930ish on chrimbo eve, bloke came and got it 1hr later got £108 for it but when he came just gave me £110 anyway, was well chuffed as thought it would only go for around the £65 mark, mind you mine did have 2 controllers, 16 games and the play and charge kit and the original box so not a real comparison.
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