? - Xbox 360 Premium

    I am thinking about getting a Pro or Elite now the prices have dropped so how much would a 360 Premium with all leads and Wireless Controller (plug n play kit) now be worth.

    Will consider selling on here once I have migrated data from 20gb to 120gb, thanks


    How old is it?

    Hdmi etc?

    Original Poster

    No it doesn't have hdmi

    Build Date - 15th October 2006

    On here I'd probably say £100-£110 max, even with the hard-drive.

    The older ones fetch much lower prices due to the inevitable issues you get in the long run

    You'd possibly do better on Ebay to be honest

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    £100 plus delivery is in the region of what I was thinking anyway. Just would need to sort out data migration first.

    I wasn't far off then:thumbsup:

    i think 100 inc delivery would sound correct. not without.

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    Traded in Gamestation and got £100

    is it really £100?? i saw the window and it said £90
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