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Found 19th Feb 2007
Hello i am very new to this but give it a go. im looking for an xbox 360 premium. i was going to get one off ebay but u never know. i've seen some pretty cheap deals but sold out. Do you know of any now? i can get premium console with 2 wireless controllers and 2 games n tht shite arcade thing.
Or if you can convince me to buy a wii insted im in a dilema. but swaying more towards the xbox for xbox live
please help.
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personally, i'd recommend the Xbox 360 if you're a fan of shooting games (with some other games as well of course but the majority of the best games are all first person shooters), otherwise i'd advise you to get the Wii for some fun action.

Xbox live is brilliant but no matter what, you'll come across a lot of idiots but if you speak to people nicely and you're quite friendly, you'll generally enjoy some good games and make a lot of friends

There's some deals posted on the forums and i listed one for the standard premium pack with no additional accessories or games from pcworld for under £214 including vouchers and Quidco cashback but i'd advise waiting around the PS3's launch in order to get some better deals in order to shift stock.

There's no deals on Wii's at the moment, as they're very hard to get hold of and because of this, stores have no reason to reduce the price or offer good priced bundles.

Hope that helps.
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