Found 29th Aug 2007
Where is the cheapest I can get one from apart from ebay, or are they all £250?


Hi mate and welcome to the forums.

To be honest, it depends on what you prefere to be included, as you can buy the console on it's own from [url][/url] for £229.99 - 5% if you're a student.

John Lewis have a package, which includes an extra WWE Raw game an extra wireless controller for £239 (use the £10 voucher) plus go through Quidco to receive about £12 cashback.…spx

Another great bundle comes from Choicesuk who offer the console, Gears of War, Blue Dragon, PGR 3, Live Arcade and an extra wireless controller for £284.99.…560

Hope these help but make sure to look around for some better deals but i believe these are the best online deals at the present time.

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Thanks Realfreindlyman.

At the moment, I only have £220 to spend but soon I should have £300-£400 as i'm selling alot of stuff :P

Anyway, the thing i'm really wanting is just a basic package. The reason being because after that I need to spend £50 on the wireless network adapter, and then I need the xbox live.

I would consider the Choicesuk one if I had the money, but at the moment I think my best bet is looking at the John Lewis one.



save up and buy the elite as the red lights problem has been fixed

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Also, how do I get the voucher and quidoco.


Hi mate,

If you ever need to take advantage of a voucher, look in the top right hand corner, which states "DEALS | FORUM | VOUCHERS | DEAL ALERTS | AMAZON DEALS" and click on vouchers, then just find the respective company that you're looking for.

Quidco is basically a service which you pay £5 a year for (they deduct the first £5 that you earn every year but if you don't use it, you don't have to pay but i've personally accumulated around £150 within about 9 months, so it's definitely worth it) which pays you the FULL commission whenever you buy anything from nearly every website in the UK and some abroad as well.

For example, John Lewis pays out upto 8% depending on the respective products but there's literally 1000's of companies on there to take advantage of for extra savings but go on [url][/url] to findout whatever else you like.

And finally, I personally advise you to buy the biggest bundle that represents great value, as companies offer much bigger savings when they shift out more products in one go.

Despite the 3 lights problem being renowned with the xbox 360, Microsoft are offering 1 year warranty with the product and 3 years for the red lights issue, so you know you're covered for practically the whole of the consoles life and in my opinion, if they have found a solution for the 3 lights problem, they'll send you a replacement console with the improved part motherboard, taking care of the problem and saving Microsoft money in the longterm cost of keep replacing the console at there own expense.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the help.

Rep coming you're way.

Cheers mate,

I'm just happy to help someone save some money, as this community is all about helping each other and being there for one another when they need it.
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