Xbox 360 premium prices.

    Looking to sell my 60GB Xbox 360 soon. Its the gears of war pack, comes with GoW 1 &2, all cables and leads, 1 controller and the 60GB HDD. Just wondering what sort of price i could expect to get for it.

    Thanks in advance.


    hehe - just bought the elite for £149.99 before quidco eh?!

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    Nope, i got me a pre-order for the red elite :P

    Anyone have any idea how much these 60GB ones are worth?


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    What about if i make it a 360 60gb pack with Gow 1 & 2 and an extra controller all with original reciepts bought in november?

    where did you buy it ?

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    Any ideas or should i just ebay it >.>

    Fleabay it mate - unless of course you don't mind splitting up your package as that's what just about every 360 thread on here seems to descend into of late!

    Should get enough funds to buy my Dreamcast package ;-)

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    Still not seen a thread for that yet!

    wont get £120 mate get a brand new one for that ! me think about £80 trade in or £99 if selling it on gaybay !
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