Xbox 360 Premium Wanted

    Currently looking for an Xbox 360 Premium 20gb/60gb with a controller and all the leads. Doesn't have to include games. Looking to spend around £120.
    Or an arcade console with a controller and leads for £90.
    Must be all in perfect working order.
    Would pay by paypal gift.


    there was a deal on here for argos 60 gb with indiana / kung fu / viva pinata / extra contoller for 160 i think.
    I would get that and sell what you dont need. At least then its brand new and selling the extras you dont need will bring the price down.

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    i suppose that's a good idea.
    how much do you think i could flog them games for?

    well i would give YOU £15 delivered via paypal gift for the extra controller straight away!.....

    pm me if and when you decide....

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    oh right , i'll bear that in mind.
    not sure if ill do that though as it ends on the 18th of november

    Hi BargainHunter18. I have Xbox 360 Premium 20gb + Leads, controller, headphones, box, manuals, receipt etc. in perfect condition. Bought it in Argos about 4 months ago. Looking for £120 and will accept paypal payment
    Please let me know if you are still interested

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    Please expire , bought one yesterday so am no longer in need of one.
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