Xbox 360 problems

    Well My DVD drive keeps jamming however, according to microsoft it's out of warrenty.

    I bought it second hand from cex ya-see?

    Well anyway I get a 12 month warrenty with it yada yada - but the effort to bring it back is tremendous - with exam prep etc. I dont have time.

    If I ring them up, explain and tell them about my warrenty with cex, do you reckon theyll fix it?


    The warranty is with CEX and not Microsoft, the warranty they care about is the one they can see when they type your serial number into the computer.

    If you have a 12 month warranty with CEX though, they should do something about it, so i would speak to them first to see where you stand

    You need to deal with the reatailer, xbox only have 1 year warranty apart from the 3 rings of death which they have extended to 3 years. So if you xbox is over a year old the warranty has nothing to do with microsoft, as it was cex who sold you a new warranty on it.

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