Xbox 360 query

    Right folks im looking to trade in my old xbox 360 with the 20 gig HD and get the Elite.
    My major problem is what do i do with my save points and other stuff ive got saved on the 20 gig if im going to be trading it in?


    transfer all of it to a different storage device unless your not bothered you can just recall your gamertag on the new xbox 360

    You should keep the 20gig HD and only sell the xbox in and get the elite and use a transfer cable to transfer stuff from 20 to 120 HD then sell the 20 gig harddrive, or just buy the elite first and transfer the stuff to it then sell the xbox 20g


    microsoft give free transfer cables if your upgrading

    Or just buy the 120gig hard drive for £40ish from CEX?
    All the elite is, is a xbox with a 120gig hard drive after all.
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