xbox 360 question

    i was wondering if an arcade xbox 360 can be flashed

    was looking at this one but not in stock atm…787

    thanks in advance


    It is in stock?

    Original Poster

    oh wasnt 10 mins ago lol

    depends on the mfr date, newer models have lite-on drives

    all 360s can be modded, just the lite-ons are more expensive to do, because you have to replase the drive rather than just flash it

    Original Poster

    thanks for that will add rep

    New ones can't well, soon they will be when the liteon firmware us out, but will still require the use of an expensive special tool and the more expensive time of the professional that can do it...

    Original Poster

    thanks dudey rep added

    They have also (microsoft) released a new Xbox using a jasper chip so expect newer anti hacking technology to come soon...
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