Found 3rd Feb 2009
hi thanks for looking guys,

Ive been out of the hardware section for a while now last i remember was that all xbox360 premiums could have their firmware modified unless it was a benq drive

Can anyone tell me what i should look out for is the lot/manufacturing number still important? I ask because i'll be buying another 360 next week probably an arcade/ 60gb premium off and that machine will hopefully be modded

thanks and rep for any answers


anything can be modded now


anything can be modded now

except the ps3 :thumbsup:

its a 360 thread and by me saying anythhing i meant any drive.

yup the in thing now is to get the newest xbox you can get and if you get one with a 150watt PSU then you have the newest and its called Jasper and far less prone to getting RROD

if you need one modded or advice feel free to pm

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wow cool! thanks guys

Jungleflasher and a CK3 probe cable is all you need

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what the hell is a jungleflasher and ck3 probe? I need to solder stuff? please say i dont lol

well you dont need to solder if you get an xtractor & spear (probe) thats the bit that prevents soldering

take a look ]here and ]here for more info and some vids on how to do whats needed,

hope this helps
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