Found 17th Jun 2009
My nephew has a release model 360 which has just decided it doesn't want to "play" anymore. graphics failure.

its outside of the 3 year free warranty repair, i'm going to try anyway. However i have jasper console that has no keys on the drive... is there a way that the chip from the faulty 360 can be transferred on to the 360 without keys.

essentially giving the "bricked console" a new lease of life... or is this make believe



Why cant you send that jasper back to xbox?

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has no seal or key

yeah, just buy seal

and send back as RROD, they should fix

How did you lose the key?

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I was tierd one afternoon after about 5 straight 6am starts...

was using dosflash and typed flit instead of dlit... and erased the drive... (doubt i actually erased the drive, but since then i definately have because its in another console)

think is now i don't have the drive for it, i have a hitachi... could try my luck like... support site is down atm

LOL, what an idiot

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LOL, what an idiot

:x thanks i typed 1 letter incorrectly and it wiped a dvd drive... I bought the owner of the 360 a brand new one, and flashed it successfully, I must have done over 100 xbox's but like i say probably had 20hours sleep that week and the person wanting it done was pestering me even before i received the drive... tierd and rushing not a good combination on a delicate procedure :oops:

I've read that if you phone the xbox people up, not the repairs dept, and get them to reregister it telling them you'd bought it second hand the warranty gets restarted and you can send it in?
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