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Hi people I have 2 xboxs 1 rrod, 1 with DVD drive fault
I had a go at fixing the rrod console and thought I had sorted it but gets on to game then bang rrod again why????

So I left that one and went to the next though I could take DVD drive out of rrod and put in this but comes up with play cd? And don't do anything only stays on Xbox screen, was told you can flash the drive but how easy that? And is there any other way round it?
I'll be happy with 1 working? But they doing my head in playing with them and getting no where! Please could I have some advice thanks


Sounds like the first one is still overheating for whatever reason and the 2nd one sounds like a dodgy dvd laser which reads games/dvds

does the first one rrod if you leave it on the normal screen for awhile?
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Yes it does but I've been looking on forums etc and is it CPU could be gone? Unsure with laser as it plays FIFA game and that's it, was told I could swap it but has to be flashed? Any other way round it?

just put the rrod ones drive in the other one, you can find tutorials on

though if the drives are different makes, i wouldnt reccomend playing it on live if you used it to replace the different one, (it will still work, but you may get banned from xbox live)

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So with this flashing do you have to open desktop Pc to put cable in?what's best way?

yes, you need dedicated hardare to flash the drive, its a pain.
And if you do it wrong, say good bye to the whole thing.
better option is to look for what model your dvd drive is, then buy a replacement laser ( about a tenner on ebay) and then follow a guide to replace it instead.


Essentially the DVD drives key is paired with the Xbox motherboard, You can't just take one out and put it in another one.

However if they are the same make of DVD drive then you can swap the DVD drives motherboards around or simply change the lasers.

Another option is you could try the pot trick on the faulty drive, Essentially you up the power of the laser and it can usually work. Instruction's here ( Most the lasers have the pot tweaking screws, Similar to those ), I've done it without a multimeter, Just turning them slightly.

Other options, Buy a new laser, Under £10 on ebay ( Usually require desoldering an anti-static solder point and pot tweaking ), Another drive around £20 on ebay ( Switch motherboards ).

Failing that and probably most logical step would be to flash the good drive, You would have to read the firmware from the original drive and then spoof the replacement drive with the original drives key. Be warned though, If the replacement drive is a different make of drive it could ban your Xbox from Live.

Most Xbox drives are fairly easy to flash, However most of the Liteon drives require modification or a special tool to read the drives firmware.

Identify your drive

Liteon and Benq drives have the same laser so you could swap them over if you can't flash them.

Google "ixtreme"

Here's a very good tutorial for jungleflasher here

As for the RROD console, Disconnect fans, After you switch it on to make it overheat, Heat it for a further 5-10 minutes with an hair dryer, Then let it cool for at least 2 hours before switching back on. Also I'd recommend a cooling mod, Plenty of idea's on youtube, Stick to the simple mods, No point spending loads on the mods..!!!.

Have fun..!!

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Thanks for that info, so if I get a new laser is it g/tee to be that?

what drives do you have in each box
also would try the pot tweak before the laser swap
Guide on Pot Tweaking the Laser -
make sure you use a meter guessing it can damage you laser more even damage you disc
New laser will need anti-static blob desoldered unless you buy a used one
and sometimes will still need a pot tweak.


Thanks for that info, so if I get a new laser is it g/tee to be that?

Very likely, Especially after Microsoft's latest dashboard release, It's got a new Anti-Piracy check that it seems to be causing a lot of lasers to fail, I've fixed two and seen lot's of reports of dodgy lasers after the last update, Especially on the Liteon and Benq drives. Pot tweak worked on both that I repaired. Lasers are pretty cheap though, But you'll most likely need a soldering iron or some ebay sellers offer to remove the solder usually for a small extra fee.

Other option, Buy a new drive and switch motherboads, Obviously the same make of drive though.
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