Xbox 360 Repair.

Hi guys
I have a few Xboxes around the place, and my main one packed up yesterday.

E74 One Red Light
2nd Code 1022

Reading up, this may be the Ana Video Decoder Chip????

What I have done so far....
Totally stripped and removed all heat compound from heat sinks, reapplied good stuff, pressed down the ana chip during boot etc...

Anyways, now all back together it was the same. E74 One Red light...

As a last resort, I did the towel trick (30 mins). And it booted.. LOL. And has been fine all day.

I have moved it to the least used room, maybe a couple of hours a week... And normally just media center, not intensive gaming.

To keep this going, should I now do the mem chip mod, and the xclamp replacment???

Or just leave it as it is??


whats the towel trick??



whats the towel trick??

cover all the air holes with a towel till it hard resets

Original Poster


whats the towel trick??

Cover the thing in a towel, turn on for about 30 mins, it should of gone to 2 red lights by this point, overheating...…T8Q

Switched back on, and all still ok..

You have to laugh.

Apparenlty the heat allows the cracked solder to reflow, and sort the joints back out??.

Apparently heat gun treatment can fix this error, but i guess the towel trick essentially does the same.

I have a wacking great fan in situ aimed at the 360, I really don't want to go through the whole rrod thing... fingers crossed.

I'd clamp it, won't nesc fix it permanently but its far better than overheating it every few days, that does waaayyyyyy more damage than good.
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