Xbox 360 repair??

Need some advice here.....
About 6 months my flashed xbox 360 broke. It was banned from xbox live. It happend when i was trying to flash it with a newer firmware, i think i blew the drive. When i switch it on i get the red lights. However i dont think its the drive thats busted as i can switch it on by click the opening ther drive.
Anyway, i just left it and bought a new one when Grand Theft Auto came out. But now i really want to get my new xbox flashed again so im thinking about repairing my old one. But i dont know where to start. My options are
- Take it to my local dodgy repair shop who will overcharge me.
- Buy a new drive for £30 from ebay with the risk of it not working
- See if any nice people from hotukdeals will have a look at it??
- Bin it

What do you think and does anyone have any idea what the problem is??


Don't bin as you can sell it

Original Poster

would rather fix it to be honest


would rather fix it to be honest

I don't know anything about fixing them i'm afraid

You could buy the new drive, try fixing it, if it doesnt work then sell on the drive.
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