Xbox 360 returned, but its not mine

    Well well well, only took a week for the 360 to be returned after sending it away to be mended, however, the unit that was returned to me isn't mine...

    I know this because i wrote all the info off the back of my unit before sending it, incase they sent me a different box...

    guess the real reason i find this so annoying is that the build date is older than the one that I sent so therefore I have an older xbox.

    I rang the operator to complain and he basically send tough but not in so few words.

    It would be like me taking my car in for a service and receiving someone elses in return, do you think i'm complaining for nothing here and should just leave what is...

    or should I complain and see if i can get anything out of them, feel like i should just to get some live time back off them :-(

    I don't know i'm in a mood and going off on a tangent...


    If it works, keep it.

    They should at least be able to explain to you why you recieved an older model and not ur own. if anything if it was faulty you should have recieved a brand new one if they couldnt fix it???


    i would calm yourself for a few days :whistling: have a cup of earl grey;-) , then ring back and in an elloquent and articlate way get your point across, oh make sure you get the name of who your speaking too, and then if your not happy then go to the next in line ie line supervisor, worst thing is ranting at someone as you normally get the square route of nowt!!:giggle:

    Oh joy.

    I got the Serial Number and Console ID, is that enough to find out what build date it was?

    In all liklihood, they replaced the entire motherboard etc. so you have nothing to worry about. This is common practice.

    More likely returned from stores already replaced and kept as No Fault Found stock in order to replace faulty ones without having to mess with the insides, makes for a cheaper/faster repair.

    They don't have the right to do this - at least not without telling you.
    Should be repaired or refunded, simple as.
    If it was within the 12 month statutory guaruntee it might have been better to take back to retailer - you should not have to deal with manufacturer in any event: your contract wasnt with them.
    Retailers will oft just refund original purchase price... and with the fall in the cost of the 360 you can save a few quid on buying a new one.

    I think tahts standard policy for tech manufacturers - if they can't be arsed to repair your piece of kit they'll send you a refurbed unit. Be careful though - as this may in fact have a shorter warranty than what was remaining with the original (usually around 3 to 6 months). Plus then of course your contract with the retailer is jepordised as you now technically no longer have the original unit (if they bothered to record the serial number that is).

    Original Poster

    works ok... and as for the warranty it expires at the same time as my box did but i didn't think it was right for them to do so without telling me first... for the simple fact that this is no longer my box...

    if i were to contact them could anyone tell me what route to take, the blunt of it is that i don't want to be without my xbox

    i think it would depends on the small print in the warranty ect?

    You can't take any action against them, i do think it's unfair, i'm actually on my 7th xbox 360 (that's not a typo) and they will always replace your xbox 360 with a reconditioned model that developed a fault, as they've had 100,000's of returns, so you can't expect them to throw away these models.

    Microsoft expect them to now be in full working order, so lets hope you won't have to go through this all the time, as when i received my last replacement, they quoted us a month turn around and we escalated the situation to get it quickly.

    Don't worry though, you'll still have the 12 month warranty from your purchase date, not the consoles manufactured date as long as you keep the receipt, hope that helps.

    Hey -- i returned my xbox 360 to

    I'll get a brand new console wont I

    Its only returnign them to microsoft that you get a reconditioned one

    ^^^ where you get the 360 wireless controller for £19.99. I want one

    ^^ we're not allowed to link to it, but

    why cant we link to it? please explain as it's been bugging me!

    all the deets are in this thread ]http//ww…net

    Yer i got it the controller it works fine and everything but the left stick starting squeaking really loud so im gunan get a replacement lol

    my xbox360 drive just started to not read any discs yesterday. I was playing Gears of war & then it said to "unable to read disc, please clean & then restart console" tried my 5 other games a dvd and a music cd and nithing is being read. I cant believe it because I look after my things and the 360 hasnt had one knock tap or anything done to it. Its in a well ventilated area ?

    I brought the 360 in November 06 from bockbusters do you think I would be able to take it back to the shop? I guess I wouldnt but what you ppl think ?

    They should do a Watchdog show on microsoft releasing dodge 360s, looking on the internet it seems commom for ppl xboxs to stop working with in a year



    They should do a Watchdog show on microsoft releasing dodge 360s, looking … They should do a Watchdog show on microsoft releasing dodge 360s, looking on the internet it seems commom for ppl xboxs to stop working with in a year

    Take it you missed that one then?

    I am on my 4th 360 and this one is starting to not read discs. i took out the extended warranty when i first got mine and they sent me a statement with my original serial no. on it. Since then i have had 3 refurbs and it got me wondering, will my warranty still be active?

    I phoned up support and they told me whenever they change yours they put it on the system and your warranty is still active but they wouldnt send me a new warranty statement with the latest serial no.

    So all i can say is just dont treat your xbox delicately, i took pride in mine thinking it wouldnt break then i got a refurb and now i am not proud of it at all because it is not mine. i am like that with expensive things!

    I also think microsoft can do what they want, i dont think they have to explain why you didnt get your exact 360 back as long as they rplace it with one in fully working order.


    Take it you missed that one then?

    so they did one already. its a shame i missed it, there isnt anyway to catch a repeat or anything is their

    Blockbuster wont take my 360 back will they since i got it in Nov 06 will they ?



    so they did one already. its a shame i missed it, there isnt anyway to … so they did one already. its a shame i missed it, there isnt anyway to catch a repeat or anything is theirBlockbuster wont take my 360 back will they since i got it in Nov 06 will they ?

    I don't know about watching the old ones, you can have a google and try and find it. I missed it myself.

    Why not give blockbuster a call, is it not under warranty with microsoft?

    You have a 12 month warranty on the item, which is also covered by Blockbuster.

    Contact Blockbuster and ask them to exchange it.

    Do I ?

    I phoned up a blockbuster store(not the one i bought it from) to see what they would say. I spoke to an employe who told me that if I had bought a 2nd hand one that I would have a 6 months gurantee with it, but with a new one you have 14 days where you can return it. He then put me onto the manager, i explained the problem he asked when I bought it, i said November. He said that I would need to contact microsoft under the warranty and basically thats all I could do.

    If Im in my right to take it back to blockbusters I would love to do that and exchange it. But with me having purchased it 4 months ago I dont think that they would... Is there anything in consumer protection or Blockbusters terms & conditions or any tips which I could use to try and get an exchange with blockbusters?
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