XBOX 360 "ring of death"!!!

Found 27th Sep 2008
Hey, my XBOX 360 wont switch on and its showing the 3 red lights, after doing much googling, I've found the "towel trick" which is ok i guess but it keeps coming back, don't want to have to keep repeating this everytime I fancy a game of COD4, I've seen a few videos on youtube of people taking them apart to fix it.

Just wondering if anybody out there has had this and fixed it themselves and could maybe point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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Send it back to Microsoft, that trick will only cause more damage, never open it up!
The xbox 360's have a 3 year warranty for thr rrod. your best option is to call c/s and check to see if its still in warranty, unless you have already opened it up.…ct/
Thanks, its still unopened and i've only had it about a year n a half
Will it matter that i bought it second hand?, got it from fleebay, was in unopened box with receipt, not sure how that effects it tho.
The only way to find out, will be to ring xbox support on the link in my post above.

There is also an option on the xbox site to register and submitt a fault report.
Thanks :thumbsup: will phone up first thing in the morning.
If there's no name on the receipt, you bought it, didn't you?
You can even enter the xbox details online at…x=1
Same thing happened to my Halo special edition console, had it back within 10 days
I have an xbox, and although its fine I got it given to me in March? No recepit or owt? will I be ok if i get RROD
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