Xbox 360 RROD guide to fix

I have 1 years experience in electronics and i was thinking of repairing some of my mates broken consoles. So, is there a guide on the internet that shows you how to fix it? thanks !!


Send it back as there is a 3 year warranty on this.

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I Know but he would rather me fix it

Is he a mental case?

Basically as I understand it it requires special tools to re-ball the solder on the GPU due to it being wrenched off by flexing in the PCB. As such it is (generally) beyond fixing at home.

You don't need a reciept or any other kind of proof of purchase to get it done so it would be madness not to.…php

Might be able to help, youtube also have loads of videos.


You can buy them on flea bay as a pdf file guide

Ok, I give in. You should buy the guide off ebay. You might find a replacement console there too when it all goes horribly wrong.

You can get the tool that you need from Dealextreme for next to nothing should you insist on continuing down this path. I salute you for your bravery.

You are quite likely to get a whole new machine back with a falcon chipset if you send it back - I did.…t=0

Current results:
Fixed the 3RLOD. No issues at all now, no freezing, works fine: 925 consoles.
Fixed the 3RLOD. Video still freezes occasionally: 23 consoles.
Mixed results. Sometimes works with no 3RLOD: 8 consoles.
Did not fix the 3RLOD: 86 consoles.

Seems like a good fix

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thanks guys
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