XBOX 360 RROD Question

    I have spoken to Microsoft about sending it back and they have sent me the box etc.

    The bloke on the phone said not to include anything with it and send just the console, however on the packing instructions it shows the psu stuff in the box as well.

    What have others sent it with theirs?



    Just the console, no game, no hdd, no psu, no cables, nothing.


    Just the console, no game, no hdd, no psu, no cables, nothing.


    Just send the console on its own - keep all of your leads, hard drive, games etc. Just give them the box.

    remove hard drive, remove face plate, remove all cables. send them bare bones console.


    Just the box (I bubble wrapped it) & packed in a plain box for courier to collect - no hard drive or cables or any info included (check no game disc still in console as well). They give you a form on collection which you must ensure you keep as proof of collection. Just got back one this week - took 7 days turnaround which was quicker than I expected

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    Thanks very much rep left for you all!

    just the bare bones of it..because you dont always get the same one back,,,mine came back with a melted sticky sweet in the dvd drive...yeah nice
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