XBox 360 RRoD/Warranty Question!

    well i bought my xbox 6 months ago from, they sent me one of the first ever models, does this mean that my warranty started a few years ago when these models were released or does it start from when i opened it? if so how do MS know when i opened it


    lol, nope, 3 years from purchase

    you may get asked for the reciept but these days they get electronically registered at the till or via card purchases so they can tell if it was stolen or not, that info should state the date it went through their till if you dont have the reciept, but throwing away a reciept for a large purchase like that would be a little silly..

    do you still have receipt?
    just phone up microsoft and explain, they're really good and understanding

    There will still be a record on the play website for your purchase if you need verification of receipt :thumbsup:
    Just log in and print it out .


    manufacture date if no receipt but bank statement is proof

    if youve opened it up warranty will be void

    Does it have hdmi?
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