Xbox 360 sale advice

    I purchased a V2 hdmi xbox 360 pro from shopto about 2-3 weeks ago, i think its a falcon
    i also own an xbox 360 core system that i will be selling shortly
    now i see shopto sell the halo 3 version of the 360 for just 220 pounds and i want it
    what would be a good price for a 1 year old boxed core system and a 3 week old hdmi pro system
    i also have a 120gig hd that i may sell but unsure of prices
    any help would be appreciated
    i know it will prolly cost me but i wish i waited for the halo 3 console now :oops:


    Well if youve bought it for £230 on shopto it should sell on ebay for around £230

    Core around £150 maybe

    120gb worth about £85 is used and £100 if new

    Not really worth it for the halo 3 one its nice but doesnt have hdmi

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    thanks for the reply dandoc2
    ive just got a 1080p telly and it looks superb with the 360 via hdmi
    im not going to bother getting a halo3 console now, ill keep my hdmi version :-D
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