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I'm looking to buy a game for my XBox 360, I'm only used to driving games really, I have Call of Duty 2 but I fancy a no brainer shoot em up - where you can just run about and blow stuff up. Does such a game exist for the 360 ?

And wheres the cheapest I can buy it.

Appreciate any feedback.........

Ta... Jon Jon Jon

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I've been playing ][COLOR=blue]Prey[/COLOR]. There's not a lot of thinking involved.... a lot of shooting. It's a bit like half life if you ever played those range of games.

But Prey is very alieny - some people only like realistic games where you can blow people's heads off. I'm fine with either.

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Thanks EJK42, you made me laugh at least... the thought of you getting joy out of blowing aliens heads off in the dark hours is kinda cool. I'll take a look at the Prey preview you linked.

Ta..... your a star..........

I am scared of aliens :oops: and dinosaurs :shock: and weird cyberhumanoids :cry: from the year 3010.

But I like blowing up humans!

Can anyone advise on any decent shooters which feature human targets only!!

Dead Rising gets great reviews. I'm waiting for it to arrive, its based around the "living dead" movies, in a shopping mall full of zombies, so sort of human.

Apparently you can kill the zombies with all manner of items.

Dead rising is a good game, but too linear for my liking.

Far Cry:Predator is excellent in online mode

and a beat em up - DOA4 is good

Wait for Gears of Warm only a couple of weeks. Meant to be the best shooter of 2006!

Just remember that I played F.E.A.R. on the PC - it was really good. No aliens... but a lot of peeps to kill and only a few ghosts....!

If you want a no brainer shooter i liked Just cause theres a lock on type shooting system so you dont have to aim too good and can use boats,plane,bikes and cars that are in the game its abit like Gta but with jungle type scenery :roll:

Ghost recon is good but its more serious shooter than just fun its £25 if do want it ]http//sh…ter

Yeah go for PREY - the main storyline requires some thinking but online play is all v all with some awesome weapons and some really great graphics (hence the 18 rating)

If your like me you cant really beat COD2 for a no brain shoot em up thank to my "throw all your granades and then shoot anything that still even slightly moving" Call of Duty 3 is out in 7 days - dont forget 360's are backward compatible for some titles, although 2 years old I still appreciate Halo 2.

There are very few 'light' fun games currently out on the 360.There are many fairly grim shooters.:|

The Outfit fits your description.It's not rated highly by your serious shooter fans, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.It's exactly as you describe......a no-brain shooter.The other one that I've had fun with is Gun.This has no online bit though and both games are pretty short.

Also The Outfit is available for around the £14.99 mark.

I had to get rid of the outfit, it got on my t**s, I still think theres more to that than mindless violence and shooting.

Having thought about it I think the perfect solution would be to download 90's classic Doom from the arcade section of xbox live marketplace, 1st level is free in the trial version and i think the full game is only 400 points.

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Thanks to all for your input. I now have a long list to choose from.
Dead Rising
Far Cry
Just Cause
Ghost Recon
Call of Duty 2/3
The Outfit
or old skool quake & doom

I think I'll try and get a second hand copy/best deal for Dead Rising, the reviews look kinda cool !

Thanks again....

Best deal for Dead Rising I think is HMV with the 15% code and the 11% Quidco. Ordered it from there myself. £33.99 delivered and then the £3.06 Quidco cash, bringing it to £30.93.
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